Report: ‘Imagination’ and ‘Specialization’ are Among the Q1 2012 Business Trends

Allison & Partners is rolling out its “Creativity: Trend Outlook Q1 2012 Naked Culture Trend Review” in a series of posts on its Naked Culture blog. Among the trends the firm has identified is the influence that a mixture of art and commerce is having across industries; the continued influence of all things Apple in this “Jobsian Era”; and the need for brands to create an “exceptional experience.”

Some of the brands highlighted for their abilities to create that standout experience are Nike, Beats by Dr. Dre, and, of course, Apple.

You can read an overview of the trends the firm identifies here. Additional posts that dig deeper into the trends are going up as well.

As a side note, sentences like this are sprinkled throughout the trends stories and the report we received: “Today, the imagination economy, an ecosystem predicated on contesting the untouchable tenets of the past through the infusion of creativity at all levels of an organization, is changing the rules for success, and reconceiving where the defining cues of business culture and strategy are emanating from.”

We’re positive there’s a simpler way to say what that sentence is trying to say.