REPORT: How To Ripen Your Business On Facebook

Consistently create engaging page content that matters to your fans and you'll ripen your business on Facebook.

There are so many consultancies offering good advice on Facebook marketing that even a brand new publication on the subject can seem like something you’ve already read.

Take the key points in Ripe Social’s Using Facebook for Businessit’s good advice but not stuff we haven’t heard before:

  • Consistently create engaging content that matters to your fans.
  • Develop a custom page with a cohesive artistic direction geared toward reinforcing your brand and driving up page likes.
  • Experiment with advertising on Facebook to reach your target market and bring them to your fan page where you’ll be ready to convert first time visitors into curious window shoppers and eventually into loyal customers.

Ripe Social also recommends that brand pages:

  • Make a great first impression;
  • Show off your portfolio: “The ability to display images of your product or service is a key part of motivating tire-kickers to actually do business with you;”
  • Display your promotional video;
  • Offer a coupon: “Offering a coupon is a simple and very effective way to increase your page likes while encouraging new business at the same time;”
  • Organize your own sweepstakes: “It’s a tried-and-true way to grab some attention”;
  • Promote a workshop;
  • Promote your email newsletter; and
  • Display your latest Tweets: “Integrate your Twitter account with your Facebook page and have your most recent tweets published in real-time.”