Report Exposes Secret Behind Facebook Page Post Times And Types

Want to know when the best time to post updates to your Facebook Page is? How about the best types of posts for generating a response? Vitrue, a company which offers social media marketing solutions, has released a report which reveals just that. Check out the findings below.

I should add that we don’t know details about the sample size for these findings. I add that only because one of the findings appears to be slightly off. See the chart below which illustrates that post effectiveness is extremely low on Wednesdays.

Odd Data

While we think that this part of Vitrue’s report is probably off, there are some other interesting findings that we’ve found to be pretty useful. Most significant was data on the types of posts perform best. While performance varies from one category to the next images tend to dramatically outperform text and video posts.

The performance also varies from category to category. For example, consumer packaged goods tend to see text posts perform better than video whereas “quick serve restaurants” see the opposite. While I’m a little bit skeptical as to holding this data as concrete findings since the sampling is based on Vitrue clients, there’s no doubt that image posts probably perform better than other types.

The report also provided insight about the best time of the week. Overall, mid-week posts will tend to perform better for most people, something we’ve seen across our pages as well. Additionally, morning posts tend to perform far better than afternoon posts. If you want to find out all the details you can grab the report here.

In the near future we will be providing a much more detailed analysis about the performance of various types of posts based on the data we’ve been collecting across more than 8 million Facebook Pages (see our Facebook page statistics tool).