Report: 4G iPod Nano to Return to Tall, Slim Design


iLounge reports that the fourth generation version of the iPod Nano will drop the wider form factor that Apple adopted just a year ago, and instead return to a tall, slim design.

Notably, the report said that the new model will stick with the current Click Wheel arrangement, and not move over to a touch interface like the iPod Touch and the iPhone have. On the other hand, the new model will likely adopt a widescreen aspect ratio, but turned 90 degrees so that it’s tall. (That means that, as with many portable players, you’d turn it on its side in order to watch videos.) It also means that it will look more than a bit like a Zune; Microsoft must be blushing.

The report said that the 4G iPod Nano will likely be bigger than both the 3G and the 2G models. We’re at the point where it’s all about the laws of physics–if you want to keep the Click Wheel and make the screen larger, at some point the entire player has to get a little bigger as well. Whether or not that’s a good idea is a different story, but we’ll know soon enough.

(Image credit: iLounge)