PastPost Recalls What You Did On Facebook Last Year

PastPosts sends daily emails reminding you of everything you did on Facebook one year ago.

Can’t remember what you did yesterday? Yeah, we can’t either. Well, a new application intends to fix that.

PastPosts, created by tech veterans Jonathan Wegener, Matt Raoul and Benny Wong, sends users a daily email — if you didn’t log in every day last year, you only get messages on days that correspond to when you’d used Facebook in the prior year.

The daily missive comes in an easy-to-read format showing wall comments, posted photos, status updates, and more from your personal Facebook archives.

Wegener said the idea came from an app the guys created for Foursquare a few months ago called 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo that does pretty much the same thing.

“The response to that product has been really positive and thousands of people have signed up and told us they love it,” he said in an interview. “PastPosts is the next logical extension, bringing that same proven concept to the largest personal data creation platform, Facebook.”

“More philosophically, the interesting trend here is personal data exhaust — as we use web services, we’re constantly leaving behind a trail of digital information. We’re helping people re-experience that content as a daily email a year after the fact,” Wegener said.

He brings up a good point. This service is not only a cool idea that can help remind you of what your life was like a year ago, it serves as a reminder that just because an old post isn’t showing up on your wall anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t there.