Religion Still Leads Facebook Page Engagement

Religion continues to motivate the most engagement out of any type of page we rank in our weekly list.

Religious pages continue to take the top spots in our weekly ranking of the most engaging presences on Facebook, followed by music and sports.

Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily5,034,7612,127,067
2. The Bible6,926,6201,119,413
3. Justin Bieber26,404,8781,075,159
4. Lady Gaga33,214,214893,979
5. Manchester United12,868,950834,305
6. Real Madrid C.F.12,774,646822,342
7. Mario Teguh3,939,097775,420
8. FC Barcelona13,912,175771,775
9. Necip Fazil Kisakurek920,057529,674
10. Vin Diesel22,758,954464,003
11. The Twilight Saga20,452,376442,105
12. Avril Lavigne18,372,875422,470
13. We are Khaled Said1,198,347419,336
14. Jesus Christ2,400,855416,320
15. ILoveAllaah.com5,432,763373,575
16. Dios Es Bueno!3,358,951360,664
17. Lil Wayne23,616,701360,228
18. LA Lakers7,941,899333,084
19. NBA8,435,891332,770
20. Müzik Keyfi1,364,733332,641


Jesus Daily hangs on to number one for a second week in a row; the page totaled an additional 2,127,067 interactions. The Bible moves up this week as it rests just behind thanks to the voices of 1,119,413 engaged fans. The social networking home for Jesus Christ took a bit of a fall to the 14th spot this time around; 416,320 posts were added to the page since last Monday.

Also found in the back half of our list this week, comes in at 15th; 373,575 new thoughts were added to the conversation. Dios Es Bueno nips at its heals this week with 360,664 new comments added.


Justin Bieber moves back a spot to third this week, but his official social networking hub continues to be filled with buzzing fans. Last week his page nabbed an interaction total of 1,075,159. Lady Gaga‘s concert recently aired on HBO helping the pop star move up to the third spot; 893,979 excited social networkers joined the chatter.

Avril Lavigne‘s new single, as well as pictures and texts from her current tour in Asia, helps her make a first appearance on our list securing the 12th position with a 422,470 seven day interaction total. New merchandise, updates from the road, and a new album on the way have the masses chatting about Lil Wayne; the rapper makes the cut this week as he comes in 17th with 360,228 new posts added to his page.


Manchester United had quite a match this past weekend, and leads the pack of sports pages this week with 834,305 diehard fans helping to secure the fifth spot for yet another week. Real Madrid C.F. nips at Manchester’s heals though; 822,342 football lovers routed for the team on Facebook. FC Barcelona falls to eighth this week; the team still had a notable week as it totaled 771,775 interactions.

The Mavericks may have sent the Lakers home this weekend, but the L.A. basketball team had the edge on Facebook with 333,084 fans cheering the team into the 18th spot. Playoff talk continues on the NBA‘s official page; 332,770 voices joined the conversation.


Mario Teguh continues to sit pretty on our list as his page has consistently engaged likers for weeks; the Indonesian motivational speaker holds down the seventh position with an immense 775,420 fans posting on his page. We are Khaled Said takes a fall to thirteenth this week; 419,336 interactions were totaled on the page.

In Turkey, Necip Fazil Kisakurek‘s page takes two steps forward this week into the ninth spot; 529,674 new thoughts were added to the page. Müzik Keyfi takes a few steps back as it rounds out our list; 332,641 people contributed to the on-going talks on the page.


We close this week with a quick trip to Hollywood. Actor Vin Diesel‘s latest film Fast Five recently hit theaters; his page has skyrocketed to the center of our list with the help of 464,003 talkative Facebook users. The Twilight Saga‘s page is filled with interactive updates about all the latest happenings surrounding the books and films; 442,105 fan comments helped the page land in the 11th spot this week.

Readers, did any pages or trends successfully catch your eye this week?

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