Relevant Mobile Ads Still a Problem

A recent survey in the UK has shown that while people are interested in targeted ads that are relevant and unobtrusive, most people think the mobile ads they get are intrusive and irrelevant, according to a Cellular News report.

“70 percent of mobile phone users consider the marketing offers they receive not to be relevant to them and 64 percent of these confess to being annoyed by them,” said the article. “Just 11 percent of those surveyed had ever purchased an item, or signed up for a special promotion or bundle as a result of an online promotion or offer from their mobile service provider.”

“We can’t keep burying our head in the sands on this issue. Today’s spam-weary consumer is heartily sick of poorly-aimed and irrelevant campaigning,” Emma Mohr-McClune, principal analyst for wireless services at Current Analysis, said in the article. “The ‘one size fits all’ promotion model is outdated. This report flags up a growing need for better tailored and personalized campaign techniques, and a higher level of commitment to customer micro-segmentation going forward.”

Users Fed up with Marketing Spam from Mobile Service Providers [Cellular News via MocoNews]