Reinstall Swype After Upgrading Android

Over the weekend my Nexus One was upgraded to build FRF91 of Android 2.2 via the over-the-air upgrade process that Todd posted about earlier. I quickly discovered that one of the consquences of the upgrade is that the Swype keyboard no longer worked. When I swipped my finger across the keyboard nothing would register. By checking the Swype beta support forum, I learned that I needed to uninstall and re-install Swype.
The beta actually has two components, an Installer and the actual Swype keyboard, and you need to remove both. Open the Application Manager (Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications) and uninstall Swype Installer and Swype. The next step, while not necessary, makes it easier to follow the original installation instructions, and that is to delete the installer and swype .apk files that are in the download folder on the storage card. I use Astro to manage files on my Nexus One, or you can mount the Nexus One to a PC and remove the files using Windows Explorer. If you do not remove the files the install process will create different file names by appending a number to the file names and you will need to run the installer .apk that includes the highest number.
From this point the installation process is the same as when you orignally installed the Swype beta. Open the e-mail that was sent to you after signing up for the beta and tap the URL in the e-mail, which downloads the installer .apk to your phone. I then used Astro to open the download folder and run the installer .apk, which adds the Swype Installer app to your phone. The final installation step is to run the Swype Installer program, which installs Swype and activites the keyboard.
In order to use the keyboard you need to change Android’s input method to Swype by tapping and holding on any text field to see the Edit Text dialog, and then tapping Input Method and selecting Swype. Hopefully when Swype becomes final for Android the upgrade process will not be as difficult as I have describe in this post. I did learn through this process that I am starting to prefer Swype for my on-screen keyboard.