(RED)’s Facebook Page Sees New Growth Around World AIDS Day Promotions

(RED)’s Facebook Page shows how correct design considerations — plus some advertising — can make a Page much more effective. As we noted earlier in the week, the Page more than doubled its number of fans last week for World AIDS Day, from less than 200,000 fans a few days before the day to 446,000 today.

(RED) LogoFor those not familiar, Product Red, or “(RED),” is an advertising-based, for-profit company that sells licenses to other companies to develop a product with the (RED) logo. Those companies earn more revenue than they otherwise might through being associated with the AIDS-fighting cause; they then donate a portion of the resulting profits to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The idea is to harness capitalism for social causes; although the company has faced some criticism, (RED) says it has raised $140 million since its founding in 2002, with 100 percent of the money going to charity.

The (RED) Page features four tabs: “Turn Yourself (RED)”, “Shop (RED)”, “JOIN (RED)” and “(RED)Nights”.


The tabs contain options to let you change your profile picture to (RED) themes, buy products that benefit (RED), join the organization and learn about a concert series benefiting (RED). In addition to the apps, (RED) has been very active in communicating with its fans, and interaction on the site is high.

Organic growth and interest in World AIDS Day no doubt drove much of the growth, although we’ve ads for (RED) on Facebook and a guest post on the official Facebook company blog probably didn’t hurt.

(RED) Wall

One thing that we would recommend for (RED), however, is to continue to develop features and communicate with fans throughout the year. Its daily growth beyond the days around World AIDS Day is nearly non-existent. There is really no reason why such a well thought out Page built around an important cause should not consistently attract new fans.

So far, whoever is running the Page has posted a few updates since World AIDS Day. That’s good, although the updates have all been about (RED) and not the larger AIDS issues. In order to keep users interested who are passionate about fighting AIDS, we recommend the company broaden its Page’s focus.

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