Facebook Redesigns Developer App Navigation for Simplicity

Facebook has redesigned the Developer app to simplify navigation and make it easier to change basic settings. Important fields previously scattered across several tabs for Canvas, web, and mobile integrations have been aggregated into the Basic and Advanced Settings sub-tabs.

With so many developers on the Facebook Platform, even small design changes like these can end up saving people a lot of time. There are no functionality changes, and the redesign will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

Facebook has made several other changes to the Developer app recently in an effort to improve management for teams and make the app a portal to other resources. It streamlined the app, adding app search, dynamic bookmarks, and links to documentation in June. Facebook began allowing developers to create Test Users through the app in July, and last week added the option to assign an entire Facebook Group of team members to a role such as Administrator or Insights User.

In the new redesign, Roles and Credits have been broken out into their own tabs, and Web, On Facebook, and Mobile tabs have been aggregated into the Basic and Advanced subtabs of Settings. Developers can click checkboxes to determine which of these integrations they want to enable, and then fill out the required fields that are revealed.

Within Basic settings, developers can now alter their app’s namespace, also known as a vanity URL or Canvas page. Previously this option was deep in the On Facebook Canvas settings.

While these changes should eventually speed up development workflow, they’ll also initially cost developers time as they adjust. Still, early developer response in the comments of the announcement has been positive, and the changes demonstrate that Facebook is concerned with making its Platform as simple as possible to use.