Redecorating The Fishbowl

fishbowldecorate.jpgI’ve been writing on this blog nearly daily lately about how many journalists in Washington are taking the slow days of August to change jobs. I didn’t think I was going to be one of them.

Out of the blue last week, I was offered and have subsequently accepted a job at Washingtonian magazine as editor-at-large, the post left open this summer by Chuck Conconi‘s retirement.

While not exactly filling Chuck’s shoes (not sure anyone really could), I’ll be doing many of the same things he was before he retired last month after forty years on the D.C. A-List: overseeing Capital Comment, their front-of-the-book shorts section, as well as writing long-form narrative pieces like my recent Howard Kurtz article.

It will be a radical shift in my life: The ogres at Washingtonian have warned me that I’ll be expected not only to come into the office, but ALSO to wear pants regularly. All told, though, this opportunity is too perfect to pass up. Basically–as the beat ranges from sports and entertainment to food, politics, business, the law, and, yes, the media–it’s an excuse to learn and know everything about anything going on in the area and fulfill my deepest curiosities about all things Washington.

Although I won’t be giving up Fishbowl D.C., I will need to take a step back from being the blog voice day-in and day-out, and so today begins our official hunt for A New Writer to join me in writing the blog. I’ll still be lead editor, writing on a daily basis, but will need help covering the whole picture.

The job pays (but not much), is part-time (i.e. as long as your boss doesn’t mind, you can do it without giving up your current job), and, if you’re in D.C., you will be richly rewarded with booze from the many open bars at media events in Washington (PLUS you can cover the oh-so-fun White House press briefings). If you’re not in D.C., that’s not a huge problem. You can stay home and post while we toast you at said events. Inside knowledge of the Washington media world is a plus, but not required. Ability to recognize Wolf Blitzer, Matthew Cooper, and Liz Marlantes at thirty paces a must.

If you know of anyone who would be so inclined to join us in the Fishbowl, please contact me (garrett AT mediabistro DOT com) or Mediabistro’s editoress Elizabeth Spiers (elizabeth AT mediabistro DOT com).