Reddit’s Popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ Feature is Now a Beautiful App

Reddit puts usability and design front and center in their new standalone app for AMA interviews.

ask me anything

If you have a burning desire to know President Obama’s favorite basketball player (Jordan), or are curious about the medical bills of a woman mauled by a bear (300K+), then you’re probably already familiar with Reddit’s popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature, where celebrities, scientists and other curious personalities answer all kinds of user-submitted questions in a live stream.

With over six million readers, AMAs are one of the most popular features for social networking juggernaut Reddit, so it’s a smart choice for one of their first official standalone apps. But anyone familiar with the bare-bones look of the site will be pleasantly surprised by the clean and visual-driven app design.

Currently available for iPhone with an Android version on the way, the Ask Me Anything app retains the functional up and down voting that Reddit users know and love, but the presentation has been optimized for mobile browsing and readability. Users can browse by topic, filter out unanswered questions, scan and contribute to active Q&As and receive alerts on trending interviews.

It will be interesting to see how this sleek interface will go over with loyal Reddit fans and whether the app will help the site expand its audience. In the meantime, it just got easier to catch up on Buzz Aldrin’s favorite ice cream flavor (coconut).