Red Sox Players (and One Lucky Fan) Shave Famous Beards for Gillette Promotion

FEAR-THE-BEARDS_shirt_REVISEDAs a Red Sox fan, I dutifully watched the coverage of Boston’s celebratory parade on Saturday morning, and while the players who were interviewed had a great deal to say about teamwork, camaraderie and spirit, a few were somewhat mum about the fate of their now-famous facial hair.

And now we know why.

The bodacious beards belonging to fan favorites David Ortiz and Shane Victorino met a blade this morning in a promotion at Gillette headquarters in Boston.

Also taking part in the shave-fest for the razor brand are city policeman Steve Horgan, who was stationed in the Red Sox Bullpen at Fenway Park; Horagan is now something of a team mascot in his own right thanks to a photo taken of him celebrating Ortiz’s grand slam in the AL championship series against Detroit.

From the official Boston PD feed, here’s officer Horgan waiting to lose his Sox-loving scruff alongside lucky fan Mike Grant.

Click through for Big Papi, who didn’t quite go all the way:

With its name already plastered on the New England Patriots’ stadium, along with this association with the World Champion Red Sox, it would seem Gillette is aiming for a branding monopoly on New England sports — I wonder if it’s only a matter of time before the Bruins trade in any Bic razors for “the best a man can get”…

Here’s a clip of the shearing in action via CBS:
…and a final pic of the victims: