Having Trouble Finding Cool People To Follow? Find Out Who Your Retweeters Recommend

I’m going to make an assumption here, and that is that you’ve taken the time to ensure your Twitter network is optimised, that you regularly engage with it, and because of this the people within that network are folks that you trust.

If not, I suggest you start over.

I’m not a huge fan of Twitter’s internal retweet mechanism, and probably ninety per cent of the time I still do my retweets the good, old-fashioned way, but the feature is slowly beginning to grow on me. In particular, I like to spend a few minutes each day in the retweets by others folder, as this is a fantastic way to find new people to follow.

I just browse through the list of retweets by members of my network, and where something strikes me as funny, interesting, informative or just plain weird, I’ll check that person out. If it’s a good example of the kinds of things they regularly tweet about, I’ll follow them.

The psychological effect of seeing lots of avatars (as opposed to one) below a given retweet certainly aids in the ‘check out’ process, but we’re only human. And I’m not sure that’s any less indicative of quality.

Moreover, this can also assist in downsizing your network, too, as from time to time you will find somebody you thought you liked retweeting lots of stuff that you definitely do not. Swings and roundabouts.

There’s purpose here, and it’s worth making it a part of your Twitter day. It’s not all gold, of course, and on some occasions you won’t find anybody to follow. On others, it might simply be that you discover one or two inspiring statements which you feel compelled to share with your network. And that too has a lot of value.