Recent Updates To Evernote Make It An Even Better Productivity Tool

Evernote is the app that I use the most on my smartphones and tablets. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that I have written numerous posts about this wonderful notetaking app. What makes Evernote so useful for me is that it stores all my information in the cloud, and I can access my information from any mobile device. Two recent changes to Evernote, note linking and rich text support, have made it even more valuable.

Note linking creates an HTML-style hyperlink that you can paste into other notes, or into any other app that supports HTML style links. While you can only create note links in the Windows and Mac apps, you can click on note links in the mobile versions of Evernote and they will properly load the linked-to note.

For example I copy an Evernote note link to a note that I create during a meeting and paste that link into the Outlook meeting request so that I can find my notes should I later look up that meeting in Outlook. Another way that I use note links is to consolidate different notes about a project by creating one summary note for the project and then pasting note links to meeting notes and other items into that summary note.

I’ve recently started using Evernote for managing tasks. Each day I create a new note in Evernote with the tasks that I need to complete that day, and I use Evernote’s checkbox feature to provide a way to check off the tasks that I complete. Previously, I could check off those to do items on my Android devices, but I could not edit the task list. Today, Evernote released an update to their Android app so that you can now completely edit rich text items like check boxes, which allows me to add and change items to my task list using my Android devices.

While I am most excited by Evernote’s new rich text editing capability on Android, another big change is that the Android version of Evernote is optimized for tablets running Android 3.x (Honeycomb). The changes are also available on the HTC Flyer, which is a tablet that runs Android 2.3.3. The tablet UI is optimized for landscape layout and all notes are listed as snippets, and the note list view is no longer available.