Rebecca Black Donating Friday Proceeds To Japan

Rebecca Black has been trending on Twitter for over a week, her YouTube hit ‘Friday’ has gotten over 42 million views, and she’s currently clocking in at number 39 on the iTunes top singles chart, beating out the likes of Justin Bieber, Train and Enrique Iglesias. With all this popularity, Rebecca Black has got the world wondering how much money she’s made on the single, as well as how she’ll be spending the money. According to an interview on Leno, this fresh YouTube star will be doing the noble thing and donating the proceeds to Japan and to her school.

That’s right. In an episode of Leno that aired earlier this week, Rebecca Black told Jay, “I’m donating the proceeds to Japan and to my school.” At her age I would have expected her to say that she was saving the proceeds to pay for her college education, or something like that. I think it is very moving and sweet that she’s donating the money to a good cause.

Check out Rebecca’s Leno interview and then continue reading below.

Now that we know what Rebecca will be using the proceeds for, I think the next question on all of our minds is just how much money has she made off this crazy viral whirlwind? A lot of people had been estimating that Rebecca’s 42 million YouTube views and iTunes sales must amount to at least a few hundred thousand dollars. However, Ben Sisario of the New York Times writes that, “Billboard, triangulating through the song’s iTunes chart position, guessed that it had less than 40,000 downloads; adding in possible revenue from YouTube and adjusting for royalties, it yielded a back-of-the-envelope total of about $40,000 for the week.” Of course she’s continuing to make money off the song, and Billboard thinks she’s probably going to make more than $40,000 this week, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to be a millionaire anytime soon.

In any case, I’d say that even a $40,000 donation is generous, and I’ve got a feeling that ‘Friday’ is only the beginning of Rebecca’s career. Whether or not the song spread so quickly because it was “the worst song ever written”, I think that Rebecca has won us all over with her grace and charm and that she, her family and the somewhat sketchy Ark Music Factory (who we will hopefully find out more about in the coming days) will be monetizing on this experience for some time to come).

What’s your take on the whole Rebecca Black phenomenon? How do you feel about her success, the barrage of attack comments that she’s had to sustain, and her catapult into the world of YouTube stardom?