“Real World DC” Cast Updates: Joe Curl

We got some updates from Metromix on what the cast members of “Real World DC” have been up to since taping wrapped… but they forgot one! TWT‘s Joe Curl, who really stole the show in the MTV trailer.

In his own words:

What have I been up to since my stint on MTV’s “Real World”? First, of course, a month in rehab (hard to wean myself off those body shots at the Lucky Bar). Then, I got myself an agent, who has been selling me worldwide as “That Guy Who Was on Real World For One Day — Look! There He Is! Right There! Oh, Too Late, You Missed Him” (never hire your brother-in-law).

No, unlike the boys and girls on the show, my life immediately returned to normal — trying to get a straight answer out of ANYONE at the White House, driving my kids all over Planet Earth and debating with my teenage daughter the merits or demerits of a nose piercing (I’m surprisingly pro-piercing — who knew? — but she chickened out).

Gotta’ run. Heading into the confessional just now (I built one in my house — oh, like you don’t have one). I can’t believe Andrew hooked up with Emily. I mean Ashley. Or was that Josh? Wait, Mike? No, Andrew and Erika. Wait, Andrew and MIKE? Oh, who knows, but I’m furious, and I’m going to vent into the camera. Next week, I’m going to put some film in it…