Real Estate Virtual Tours With Zipvo

The real estate chill down continues in America, but that hasn’t stopped Zipvo, a real estate search engine, from moving forward, full steam ahead.zipvoIf you’ve ever wished you could avoid awkward open houses where realtors follow you around and then call your cell phone for days on end, now you can. Zipvo is dedicated to video tours of homes that are for sale. While you might not be able to check under the bathroom sink for leaks or swing open closet doors to assess space, you can get a general idea of how a home’s interior stacks up against its exterior.

As the number of homes available on the market continues to increase, sites like Zipvo (and their competitor Reel Properties) will help buyers filter out the ones they want to see in person or identify the ones they’d like to avoid altogether.

There are a few tweaks that Zipvo must make if they want to corner the virtual home tour market. First, it seems that the Web site has a higher usability standard for realtors, not home buyers. Aside from addressing this problem, Zipvo is also missing the viral marketing by not permitting users to embed home tours on other Web sites. This clearly hinders the seller from getting the word out about their property on other sources.

It will be interesting to see if Zipvo can correct its flaws. I’m willing to bet that a larger real estate 2.0 Web site such as Zillow will enter the virtual tour market and build a much more comprehensive resource for buyers and sellers.