Real Drinks and Bombay Sapphire Partner To Get Your Facebook Friends Twisted

All the brands are doing it–finding a way to integrate somehow with social networking platforms, namely Facebook. And while many brands are going so far as to create an application of their own, Bombay Sapphire has teamed up with Real Drinks in order to take advantage of its gifting application on Facebook. The Real Drinks app lets users purchase real drinks for friends, by sending them redeemable gift cards of sorts that can be taken to any bar or restaurant in the U.S.

For this particular partnership Bombay Sapphire has created a special drink that can actually be gifted and redeemed at a bar by the recipient. Called the Bombay Sapphire Collins, the drink looks to be a delectable combo of the popular gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda.

Between Real Drinks and Bombay Sapphire, the partnership is a win-win for both companies. Real Drinks is validated as a service by gaining the support of a renowned liquor company, and Bombay Sapphire gets the ability to market to Facebook users in a socially integrated manner, leveraging these users to literally spread the Bombay love. Looking at the stats for Real Drinks in the past month, the application has seen a bit of a decline. Teaming with the likes of Bombay Sapphire could offer the app a needed pick-me-up.

If you pay attention at all to Nick’s recommendations for brands that would like to get into social media marketing on Facebook, turning to an application that’s already gained a presence on Facebook in order to access all the associated users is not a bad idea. The additional gifting capabilities layered into this particular type of application only makes the branding potential that much greater.

Now, not all alcoholic beverage companies that turned to marketing on Facebook have had immense success. Ensuring that such marketing is done in an appropriate manner, knowing that there may be underage users within Facebook’s online community, is key for Real Drinks and Bombay Sapphire to avoid backlash and controversy.