Reading on iPad, An Editorial: A Return to Kindle

Is it weird to wax nostalgic about a gadget I haven’t used in two weeks? Probably, but that’s why you read tech-ish blogs, ’cause they’re a bit weird, or at least geeky. Anyway, I’m about to leave my house for the day, and instead of my iPad, I’m packing my Kindle.

While I prefer reading on my iPad–the pages really do look like book pages, and at night, I can make the text white and the background black so as not to disturb my sleeping wife–the fact is, I’m not convinced it’s safe to whip out my iPad on New York’s subways, especially after this Denver man had his finger yanked off by an iPad thief. If they’re doing that in Denver, they’ll take off the whole arm here.

But I’m reaching the climax of the novel I’ve been reading on the Kindle app on my iPad for the last couple of weeks–Kenziburo Oe’s newest, The Changeling–and I don’t want to forsake it until tonight. Plus, it’s been weeks–two of them!–since I peered into that gray screen, looking for literature. I miss it, or at least I think I miss it; maybe I miss it. I’ll let you know.

[Editor’s note: the photo depicts Jeff Bezos, not me, but his expressions kinda mirrors how I’m feeling about my Kindle today.]

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