Readers Respond To Google Indie Price Variability

Yesterday, we reported on the range of pricing from indie bookstores selling Google eBooks versus the price offered from the Google eBookstore and readers had a lot to say.

We found that for the popular title The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, prices ranged from $9.99 to $18.20, among different Google eBook vendors.

Ewgous commented: “Google acts as digital wholesaler and also as a (discount) retailer. On non-agency titles Indies will suffer but let’s face it – if price is your main criterion then you are lost to the indie bookstores anyway. They will have to be creative on those, at least on bestsellers (gifts, e&pbook bundles, used pbooks linked to ebooks). At least they still have a lot of agency titles to compete on other than price.”

Robynsc wasn’t so optimistic: “Now, I suppose if I am REALLY trying to support an indie bookstore, I COULD purchase online at their price, and it makes it easier to do that. But I think it asks a lot of the book buying public when I see a 40-50% or more discount price on one book.”

Jeff Rutherford pointed out: “…one could argue that indies should be extremely aggressive on pricing for Google eBooks, because in most cases that is income they’re not receiving at all today – some one is buying the book from Apple’s iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, and bypassing the indie all together.”

m_dow  wrote: “I don’t understand the concept of independent bookstores selling ebooks anyway… especially if they’re selling them for more than Amazon.”

The Great Pyjama quipped: “They give us enough rope to hang ourselves.”

What do you think?

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