The 10 Most Unsafe Facebook Pages

Many of the most popular Pages on Facebook are the likeliest to send you spam or other malware.

Spammers have been increasing their momentum on Facebook, but a new pair of rankings that SafeToBe.Me debuted today show that the problem may have critical mass. Many of the most popular applications on the social network have the highest risk of spam and other dangers like phishing and forced file downloads.

SafeToBe.Me has scanned Facebook pages, status updates, comments and posts over the course of developing a security tool promising to protect your profile from various forms of malware, phishing, spam and other inappropriate content. You might feel motivated to add the beta version of SafeToBe.Me to your profile after checking out the developer’s rankings. There are two categories:

  • Most dangerous means that a post or comment contains a link leading to spamware, phishing or other malware.
  • Spammiest means that something increases your risk of getting spam postings on your wall or status update — things in the ranking include at least one web address and get reposted repeatedly.

So, get a load of the very familiar looking things that SafeToBe.Me lists as the most problematic:

Most Dangerous
RankFacebook PageThreat Count
1Justin Bieber670
2Texas Hold’em Poker239
3Social City228
6FarmVille Cows157
7Cafe World136
8Restaurant City112
9FarmVille Sheep100
RankFacebook PageSpam Count
2Wiz Khalifa1477
4Michael Jackson900
5FarmVille Cows616
6KopTuq mu xDe..!596
7FarmVille Sheep533
8FC Barcelona530
9Amr Khaled526

Unfortunately, the use of Facebook as a platform for spam, phishing and malware is still new enough that old-school security vendors are trying to catch up with the practice. Readers, how has spam, phishing and malware interfered with your Facebook experience? Would you prefer to use security software from a social startup or from an old-school vendor like Symantec or McAffee?