Reaction to Steve Jobs Resignation

Jobs in 2007. Photo: Thor Swift for The New York Times

News that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO of Apple (he’ll serve in the newly created chairman’s position) has people responding from a business and consumer perspective.

The news has onlookers wondering how the company will fare. On the one hand, Steve Jobs is synonymous with the company and is credited with the innovation the company has demonstrated and the impact that innovation has had on people’s everyday lives. Writers say his personality as much as his tech savvy and business acumen drove Apple.

Still, because Jobs’ ailing health has been an issue for a while, the company appears to have a succession plan in place. The new CEO, Tim Cook, has stepped in to run the company previously, and has been leading the business since January when Jobs went on medical leave. The company’s stock has increased nearly two-thirds since the beginning of the year.

And shares of the company’s stock were only down 1.7 percent less than an hour ago, down to $369.79 per share. Wow.

Fans (which include some of the journalists that we linked to earlier in this post) were saddened by the news, talking about Jobs and Apple products with an emotional attachment people normally don’t have for corporations, especially not these days.

“It’s sad, because he created the whole lifestyle that comes with the product,” one teenager said, standing outside an NYC Apple store.

Referring to the Apple store, another fan said, “It’s sparkly, it’s flashy, it’s linear: It’s a desktop with nothing else — less is more.”

TechCrunch and Ars Technica have just published a letter from Tim Cook reassuring readers that the Apple they know and love is here to stay.

“I want you to be confident that Apple is not going to change,” the letter reads. “We are going to continue to make the best products in the world that delight our customers and make our employees incredibly proud of what they do.”