Raptr Launches News Feed To Help Gamers Stay Connected

The battle’s been raging for years to try and put together a ‘social network for gamers’.  The idea is that gamers everywhere need a place where they can hook up with one another, share their scores across all their platforms, challenge one another and find new games.  I’ve seen it tried in some form by EA Rupture, Zynga, OfferPal (now TapJoy), Facebook and even Apple.  Among the various efforts, though Raptr has stood out as a solid option, combining a simple interface with a plethora of options.  Today, Raptr’s upgrading.

Raptr announced today that they are launching a social news platform, which is essentially a news feed.  This will be broadcast to its 8m+ user base today, and the goal is to get gamers interacting with one another more, and likely discovering new games and opportunities based on the feed.  They’re not saying much about the algorithm that chooses what gamer stories you see, but they’ve indicated it will be based on what you play, what platforms you use and what your friends do.  Raptr’s CEO, Dennis Fong, explains:

“At Raptr we’re reinventing the way people stay connected and informed about the games they care about. We’re excited by the launch of the new community-driven website because it builds upon the success of our existing service and provides a new way to discover and share content.”

Check out Raptr and let us know what you think.  The list of features available at the site are given below as well, in case you weren’t sure what else you can get out of the service.

  • Personalized news feed
  • Community-curated content
  • Expanded topics to include all things related to gaming
  • Suggestion engine to help you discover new games
  • Automatic gameplay and achievements tracker on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Centralized buddy list and friend tracker
  • In-game chat and web browsing for PC games