Ramps: an illustrated guide to obscure food


Sitting in a restaurant reading obscure names for seemingly common vegetables can be quite annoying. That’s why you might want to bring along an illustrated guide, but before the invention of mobile apps, this meant a picture book, a strange attendant at a dinner table. Now, there are plenty of other options – mainly, Wikipedia, but even that source of encyclopedic knowledge can be overwhelming and not nearly as fun as an app like Ramps.

Ramps is a simple visual guide to food. With Ramps, you can decode complicated menus and recipes, discover new and interesting ingredients to cook with, or get your kids excited about good foods through the unique illustrations and simple interface. Have you googled “what is endive” more than once? Or seen Kohlrabi on the menu and been like “wait, what…”? Ramps got your back, that’s what we’re here for!

The best part about Ramps might be its fun, quick and easy to access information. In fact, it’s probably more useful for children. The information is sparse – don’t treat it as a source for recipes or nutritional data. Ramps provide quick information on-the-go. Or, if you have children, a source of visual entertainment that’s also educational.

The app currently covers over 300 fruits and vegetables, but the number is growing to include “all the foods” which means all of those obscure spices you’ve yet to hear of will also make the list.