Raise Your Hand if you Fantasize about Making Money on Twitter!

I am sure many of you have watched the hours blow by, as you Tweet away; and you have stopped and thought, ‘I wish there was a way to make money on Twitter!’ I would like to propose a new feature that may allow Twitter users to make some decent coin while sharing their tweets (and never having to leave twitter.com).

The Proposal

I would like to propose allowing widgets on Twitter profiles.
For those who are unfamiliar with widgets, they are like little buttons created by someone else that you can add to your website. So, if you want your website visitors to check you out on Twitter or You Tube you could add the Twitter/You Tube widgets so that your viewers can find all of your goods in one place. So when they log into your beautiful page, they will see live Tweets of yours on the home page (if you installed the Twitter widget).  And the widget allows visitors to explore your other social media pages without leaving your website.

So how could we make mulla if we allowed widgets on Twitter?
We could add the PayPal widget to our profiles! The PayPal widget allows people to send and receive money, online!
But why the heck would anyone want to send us money over Twitter, you ask?

Well, this is where you need to get creative.

You could try selling your product (D.I.Y. Style). You could ask users to DM you their order & shipping address. And you could sell CDs, t-shirts, homemade jewelery, self-published books etc. You could post a twitpic of your old guitar amp you’re trying to sell; and encourage friends to purchase the item. I imagine trade between friends would be more popular than trusting strangers who just followed you out of the blue

You could advertise the PayPal widget as a ‘Tip Jar’ – Encourage followers to leave a small tip if they enjoy your Tweets.

Or if PayPal widgets on Twitter become extremely popular, you could hold competitions to increase your followers. You could make your profile read, “I will award $25 to my 1000th follower. Or, “I will donate 50 cents to everyone who retweets me today.” Or, “It’s my birthday. Send me money, you jerks.”

Now, if people are going to be using Widgets to sell items over Twitter, the eBay widget may be a safer bet than PayPal. eBay’s system allows us to view sellers’ profiles and to make more trustworthy purchases. After all, if we have the ability to send money over Twitter, I foresee many fake charities, phony fundraisers and SPAM out the wazoo!

Another Suggestion

YouTube has recently created the ‘Subscribe’ widget. If a YouTuber has enough subscribers/viewers they can generate revenue off monetized ads. So, YouTube partners would benefit greatly from being able to gain subscribers directly from Twitter. It cuts out that annoying extra step of actually checking out someone’s YouTube page when they beg for your subscription.

Now, allowing widgets on Twitter is just a daydream fantasy of mine. But I would love to hear your thoughts.
Would you welcome the widget to Twitter? Or do you think it would slime up the whole joint; making it a sloppy spam-filled site for sellouts?

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