Radiohead: ComScore is Full of It

radiohead_inrainbows.jpgRadiohead has fired back at last week’s report from ComScore, which had given us all the numbers we wanted to know involving Radiohead’s little Pay-What-You-Want experiment for its latest album, In Rainbows.

In a statement, Radiohead’s representatives called ComScore’s report “wholly inaccurate,” and denied hat 62 percent of those who downloaded the group’s new album paid nothing for the music, according to CNET News.

ComScore retaliated, saying that their data set–approximately 1,000 users–was considered a “large sample.”

“We observed the actual online spending behavior from a robust sample of hundreds of individuals in order to produce an accurate estimate,” Andrew Lipsman, a ComScore senior analyst, said in a company blog post. “If we didn’t have a reasonable sample from which to extrapolate, we wouldn’t have released the data.”

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