Radical.FM Introduces World’s First Pay-What-You-Can Mobile Radio

You can now listen to music for free – or pay as much as you want, but there’s only one service that allows you to have both options and it’s Radical.FM. It’s an exciting new model for music consumption that allows anyone with any budget to enjoy as much of amazing music as their ears can handle.

At Radical.FM we believe everyone is entitled to a great musical experience, even the unemployed and working poor. Therefore, Radical is offered free and ad-free to ALL users, operating on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis.

The iOS app is also free and here is what it offers:

  • User-defined “Custom Genres” that can access 30 second previews of songs for curation. Once a Custom Genre contains 30 songs or more, it can be added to a station where the full-length song versions will be played.
  • The ability to ‘Tune’ Personal Stations using intuitive sliders to adjust the values of active genres relative to one-another, and to easily add more genres at any time.
  • An industry-unique feature that allows users not only to block songs or entire artists’ catalogues but to retrieve them to active rotation later via the Unblock feature.
  • A wide range of interactive options for the user from a simple, intuitive lean-back experience, enabled by a few clicks to the most immersive, customizable online radio service ever offered via “Custom Genres.”
  • An ‘open-source’ wiki that combines the expertise of music radio programming professionals with concrete feedback and requests of active users.

Radical.FM also gives indie artists the opportunity to upload their own music under the same terms as record labels. However, since the service is pay-as-you-can, it’s not likely that every stream will bring revenue.

If you like what you hear, you can donate to the service – the radio will remind you to do so. Think, NPR with more personalized Pandora options. Donating will keep the service “free as long as possible.” CEO Thomas McAleney told Mashable,”If people don’t donate after a year, my investors will be pounding on my door.”