Rachel Abramowitz Gets Out of Celebrity Jail, Goes Right on Front Page


Rachel Abramowitz wrote an LA Times Column One story about a young woman who’d survived a Russian orphanage and dismal foster care and then met an unlikely mentor, prosecutor Thomas Higgins. The result is one of the best pieces the paper has run in years. Abramowitz, who usually writes about entertainment, told FBLA :

I usually cover the movie business but was let out of celebrity jail to do this. Through a random series of events, I met Tom who just began talking about Milena. I could just tell from the way he spoke about her that there was a story there. I didn’t realize what a story. I also didn’t expect that she would leave in the middle and go back to Indiana! It’s been a long ride but worth it.

Milena’s story is heartbreaking and nerve-wracking, all at the same time. Arbramowitz never lets Milena off the hook for poor judgment or everyday orneriness, while having compassion and respect for her. Milena Slatten is more than just a victim; Thomas Higgins is more than a do-gooder with a wallet. The writing is honest and clear, with none of the usual slop that make human interest pieces so turgid. Read the whole thing, save it, and then wonder how Abramowitz can go back to profiles of the vapid.

FBLA would love to see this as a movie, but would hate to see it as a Law & Order episode.