Quora for Entrepreneurs — Sprouter Redesigns and Launches Smart New Service

In a smart pivot, Sprouter, a well-designed social network dedicated to entrepreneurs, has pivoted to refocus on the question/answer element of their site. Undoubtedly affected by the success of Quora, Sprouter has elevated itself into a new class with a smart redesign and promises to be a smart way to ask entrepreneurship questions.


Sprouter’s main value is that they individually curate and invite their experts, which means that you’re rarely sifting through mediocre answers. The flip-side of this is that you won’t have as many contributors as a site like Quora. However, that brings me to the reason I have been covering Quora lately: I feel their design, brand and solid operation means they will continue to grow, and once their rosters of experts grows, the service will become a valuable commodity.

Their recent pivot, to me, demonstrates something that is key in today’s web business environment: flexibility. The fact that they pivoted to highlight their most useful service is reminiscent of AdParlor, another company that got out of the “Offer Wall” business at the right time and jumped into developing Facebook Ad optimization technology for Facebook advertisers.

Sarah Prevette, founder of Sprouter, had this to say about the redesign:

We’ve decided to focus on the immediate opportunities that our Q&A platform offers. Our Q&A, despite previously being buried at a nebulous subdomain, has continued to grow and return high value to the entrepreneurs who use it. We’ve been blown away by the amazing people who have come forward to share their advice and by the rich content that continues to be generated.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the site, as should you.