Quizzes and Twitter Appear on This Week’s List of Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users is still seeing follow-on effects from a fix Facebook made last week to app stat reporting. Dozens of apps are still showing what appear to be large one-day increases in DAU — although the “new” users were actually there all along.

However, this resolved problem still gives us some interesting material to work with. First, here’s the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. FrontierVille4,430,143+3,178,204+253.86
2. Entrevista tus Amigos1,281,605+862,378+205.71
3. Create your Quiz843,623+843,241+220,743.72
4. Quiz Planet!897,562+843,076+1,547.33
5. Windows Live Messenger797,416+750,399+1,596.02
6. Friend Interview1,075,864+695,935+183.18
7. Twitter583,207+565,290+3,155.05
8. Social Interview1,034,820+560,323+118.09
9. Status Shuffle997,204+309,529+45.01
10. Frases Diarias1,087,934+309,265+39.72
11. Gift Creator298,049+295,524+11,703.92
12. Birthday Cards1,037,891+246,221+31.10
13. Quiz Creator161,917+155,486+2,417.76
14. Restaurant City2,784,088+149,633+5.68
15. Xbox LIVE135,656+133,745+6,998.69
16. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars554,798+123,813+28.73
17. Ninja Saga1,082,210+120,269+12.50
18. Chase Community Giving117,247+108,959+1,314.66
19. Foursquare104,912+103,151+5,857.52
20. Pick who!163,076+101,283+163.91

The top app, FrontierVille, is Zynga’s latest game and really is growing as quickly as it appears to be. Zynga made quite a stir yesterday when it announced, based on its own internal stats, that FrontierVille already has over five million DAU, just two weeks after its release. We have a bit more on it, and the other games, over at the top 20 list on Inside Social Games.

Entrevista tus Amigos is one of the apps showing a large increase in its stats on June 15th, the day of Facebook’s fix. What’s truly remarkable about this app, a friend quiz, is that it’s working with a group of just 62 million Spanish speakers on Facebook, far fewer than the English-language group, but still has over 10 million monthly active users and 1.3 million DAU.

Create your Quiz and Quiz Planet! are both in a somewhat different quiz category, whose combined members, as we pointed out on Monday, have over 42 million users combined. They’re followed by Windows Live Messenger, which is currently sporting a suspiciously DAU as a percentage of MAU; we suspect it will fall back to earth soon.

There are several other apps worth a look for their newly revealed stats, but perhaps the most interesting to see is Twitter, which comes in at number seven. Despite being significantly clunkier to use through Facebook than any number of custom software products, the Twitter app turns out to have somehow attracted 6.7 million MAU and about half a million DAU since its 2008 release.

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