QuizUp crosses 1 million downloads in first seven days on Android


Following an incredibly successful launch on iOS devices, Plain Vanilla Games’ QuizUp social trivia platform has launched on Android devices with an equally impressive start. Within its first week on the Google Play store, the game was downloaded more than one million times, with gamers clocking in 176 years of total gameplay on Android alone.

Since launch late last year, the QuizUp platform has grown to more than 12.5 million downloads across both platforms. The game has been supported with additional content releases, and now offers over 200,000 trivia questions in over 400 categories. The game allows users to battle one-on-one in broad or specific categories, ranging from professional wrestling and toys to Disney movies and company logos.

Since release, Android gamers have focused on some unique categories, which haven’t previously been as popular on iOS.

“It’s been interesting to see the differences in gameplay across iOS and Android users, especially when it comes to popular topics,” says Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla Games. “For example, topics such as Pokemon or Name the Toy never made the top ten for iOS, but have become extremely popular on Android.”

The top 10 most popular Android topics include Logos, General Knowledge, Disney Movie Titles, Harry Potter, Name the Toy, Pokemon, Android, Name the Animal, and Friends.

QuizUp will be localized for “major countries worldwide” in the future.

“We have been blown away by the growth of QuizUp’s community, especially following the launch of the game on Android,” adds Fridriksson. “Making QuizUp available for the dominant mobile operating system was incredibly important to us. Now, having reached our one millionth registered user milestone on Android in just the first week, we cannot wait to see how QuizUp will fair in the international markets.”

QuizUp is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the game’s continued growth on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.