QuickPlay Streams Doubled in Q4

Mobile video solutions provider QuickPlay Media has released its consumer consumption analysis for Q4 based on aggregated usage statistics from 15 representative QuickPlay-powered services.

Overall, the number of video streams viewed doubled over the prior quarter. This shows a strong increase in new viewers because the average number of streams per user decreased in the same period, from 19.3 per user in Q3 to 17.4 in Q4.

QuickPlay credits the increase in total streams to the launch of new services, such as the availability of YouTube videos on Telus phones in Canada. The drop in streams per user can be linked to the growing adoption of live TV services that deliver longer viewing times but fewer streams, QuickPlay says.

On the download side of the equation, the average number of downloads per user increased by about 50%, from 4.1 per user in Q3 to six in Q4. The total number of videos downloaded grew 73% quarter-over-quarter.

The most popular live streaming sources were news, music videos, TV programs and weather. The top genres for on-demand streaming were music and movie previews. Music, sports and comedy led the way in downloads.

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