Quickest post ever

I have five minutes and no way to link so here’s a bullet round-up of what I’ve learned in my surfing for the last hour:

  • ELLEGirl exec ed Christina Kelly is stepping into the vacated stillettos of Brandon Holley. Musical reference: Woody, Cheers, circa 1988.
  • Over at the Observer, Gabe Sherman just brought me back to the MPRE with excerpts from the NYT’s mandatory ethics test. I think I passed, but either way, send me presents and I’ll write nice things about you!
  • Also at the Observer, also Gabe: Sports Illustrated is launching a lifestyle mag, and the NYT is launching a sports mag. Which is beside the point, neither will be as cool or fun to read as Will Leitch’s upcoming Gawker sports blog! That is, if it ever gets here. Batter up,Will! (See – I need him, I’m already out of sports references)(Disclosure: I’m friends with Will, but actually I really am excited for this blog, it’ll be like tricking me into learning about icky boring sports. Fun!).
  • Jossip reports on CNN’s approval of a NARAL anti-Roberts commercial. Interestingly, he uses the term “pro-abortion” to describe NARAL, not “pro-choice.” Oh, those political bloggers and their bright-pink flouncy fonts.
  • From a glance at the Observer homepage: Amy Sedaris favorite Francine Prose (per Observer book recommendations last week; see The Fishies and the loneliness of Franzen’s intellectual mountaintop) writes about depression and the fear of “losing identity” and “being trapped”; below, George Gurley bares his soul for Round 2 on the couch with Hilly. Hilly, you look very sweet and nice, and must be doubly so to permit your personal life to be splashed across the newspaper every week!
  • Air America scandal: Still has legs. See CJR.
  • Done!