Questions on the Decline: Are You on Deadline?


Speaking over lunch with a blogger who has a much bigger audience than PRNewser, we began talking about certain things in the media landscape that are changing. Fast.

One is the question: “Are you on deadline?” Yes, there are still many, many reporters who file stories on a certain schedule, be it for a print publication or online. However, with the continued move to digital publishing, the answer to “What is your deadline?” will increasingly be met with, “ASAP! It’s always ASAP!”

Now, this differs from blogger to blogger. PRNewser has seen some bloggers send out source requests and list specific dates and times by which they would like to receive a response. And, some bloggers do plan out some of their posts. However, as the battle to get to a story first only intensifies online, if you snooze, you will lose.

We’re curious to hear about your experiences working with bloggers and other online media. Do you ask the “deadline” question? If so, what has been the response?