Quartz’s New Professional in Residence Comes From Goldman Sachs

Quartz residency program goes beyond "traditional norms" of hiring

Quartz is designed for business executives with an innate sense of curiosity.

In its four years, it’s built up a “fan base of global executives and an affluent readership,” said Zazie Lucke, Quartz’s vp of global marketing and creative services.

Last fall, the Atlantic Media news outlet launched a program called Quartz In Residence seeking executives who have “whole careers, but want new opportunities that challenge them, and take advantage of their abilities and skills they can bring to an organization,” Lucke told Adweek.

lisaEnter Lisa Shalett (left) the former global head of brand marketing and digital strategy at Goldman Sachs. Shalett spent 20 years at Goldman, and has worked with extensively with media organizations.

“We’re extremely interested in seeing what she has to say across the revenue side, the edit side, all sides of the company,” said Lucke. “Every executive that joins us in residency has a unique perspective and is able to push us forward in many ways.”

Khe Hy was Quartz’s first professional in residence. He’d spent eight years as managing director at BlackRock. He now advises Quartz on all kinds of strategic decisions, and also writes about productivity while working on special projects. During Hy’s short time with the company, Quartz has seen “incredible returns” from the past few months, Lucke said.

Lucke expects those good vibes to continue with Shalett and her “years of experience and sage advice.”