Qualcomm Wearable Mobile Devices Modules Will Power Novatel Mystery Device(s)

Photo courtesy of Qualcomm

So, what exactly is a “wearable mobile device module”? You can see how small the module itself is in the photo above. As for features?

Novatel Wireless to Use Qualcomm Wearable Mobile Device Modules

– Data & voice support for 1X and 1X EV-DO Rev. A networks
– USB 2.0 interface
– Bluetooth
– Accelerometer

Qualcomm’s own vision involves this module in everything from parking meters to mobile emergency response devices. My guess is the main size limiting factor is the size and useful life of the battery that powers it. So, what’s Novalel of MiFi fame going to do with it? The press release doesn’t say.

Qualcomm Wearable Mobile Device product page

Via SlashGear: Novatel 4G WiMAX MiFi and “wearable mobile devices” coming