Qtrax Scores Publishing Deals, Still No Labels On Board


Should we even be rooting for them at this point? MediaPost reports that in a (honest) step toward offering free music downloads, Qtrax Monday announced it had agreements with two publishers: Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which expanded a prior deal with Qtrax, and EMI Publishing, which renewed one with the company:

“Before Qtrax can actually offer free downloads from EMI or Sony, however, it also needs to forge agreements with the record labels. EMI Publishing owns more than one million copyrights to tracks by a roster including Arctic Monkeys, Kanye West and Amy Winehouse, while Sony/ATV Music Publishing’s boasts 600,000 copyrights to tracks by artists like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Shakira.”

Now we’re wondering if the company will take this as a second opportunity to announce more deals before they’re actually signed, or if they’ll go legit this time.