QCF Design Brings Desktop Dungeons to Tablets

In Desktop Dungeons, players will explore randomly generated dungeons on a quest to build a thriving kingdom in the forest.

Following a successful release on PC, QCF Design has announced the launch of Desktop Dungeons on iPad and Android tablets. The turn-based puzzle roguelike sees players exploring randomly generated dungeons, slaying monsters and collecting experience points, coins and power-ups as they advance.

The game’s story sees players working to survive in the wilderness after their caravan is attacked and left for dead. As the newly elected leader of the survivors, players will work to construct a new kingdom in the forest with the help of an advisor and a series of quests. Growth is achieved as players collect resources inside dungeons and spend them back at camp.

In each dungeon, players tap on the ground to move and uncover new pathways. Power-ups, weapons and spell pickups are scattered randomly on the path, with power-ups increasing players’ stats, including health or attack power (as examples). Spells, meanwhile, serve various purposes, with some allowing players to attack enemies without being attacked themselves.

Enemies won’t attack unless they’re attacked first, so gamers can strategize their movements, only attacking stronger enemies once they’ve leveled up, for instance. Health and mana regenerate automatically as gamers reveal more of the dungeon, and health and mana potions help when the entire dungeon has already been uncovered. Even so, gamers should expect to die a lot in Desktop Dungeons.

As players progress, they’ll unlock new classes of heroes, each with a different effect on gameplay. Wizards, for instance, start with a free spell, and can cast spells using less mana, while fighters level up faster, and so on.

For additional gameplay, users can complete a new daily dungeon each day. For the game’s established fans, it’s worth noting each version of the game has different daily dungeon seeds and leaderboards, meaning users who purchase Desktop Dungeons on all three platforms can play three different daily dungeons each day. Finally, while there are currently no plans to bring the PC game’s Goatperson DLC to tablet as an additional purchase, PC owners can login to access it all the same.

Desktop Dungeons

All told, Desktop Dungeons on tablets is a complete port of the original PC version, with special care taken to ensure the game performs well on touchscreens. The title offers cross-platform cloud syncing, allowing users to pick up their progress on any device, with this tablet version including the Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition content update, which includes additional classes.

Desktop Dungeons is available to download for $9.99 on the iTunes App Store and for $10 on Google Play.