Q&A: What Does it Mean to be a Mobile Gamer?


Are gamers all hyperactive teenagers, or are they just the main characters from “The Big Bang Theory?” Game Insight project manager Denis Levchik discusses what it truly means to be a mobile gamer in terms of age, gender, engagement, and game preference.

Q: Who is the average mobile gamer?

A: A gamer can be pretty much anybody. Type A personality? Yes. Type B personality? Sure. A gamer can be introverted, extroverted, a teenager, a mother, a college student…or just about anyone else.

Q: Who is the typical person playing Game Insight’s mobile games?

A: The average Game Insight gamer is anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet, or uses social media services like Facebook, Orkut, or Vkontakte. That includes people who like to play a bit while riding public transportation, or a lifetime gamer that began playing games on consoles or in arcades from a very early age. Game Insight has more than 150 million registered users. Our users are 42% female and 58% male, with an average age of 20+. They also tend to have a mindset for strategic thinking and leadership qualities.

Q: Are gamers loyal?

A: Gamers are loyal if they are treated well. Otherwise, user interest may last for about 6 months or less. At Game Insight, we pride ourselves on having users that have been with us since we first launched the company in 2010. First and foremost, we try to stay in touch with our users every day, and have an entire community team to monitor feedback from our community channels. We also carefully track all in-game requests in order to provide high quality customer support. In addition, we arrange numerous events, including game exhibitions, user meet-ups, and contests to reward the most active members of our community. We make sure to interact with, and thank, our users for their time and passion.

Q: What strategy has Game Insight used to acquire loyal users for its games?

The fact is that at Game Insight, we don’t like to stereotype our average users. While it’s definitely useful for us to understand our demographics information, we’ve also found that the mobile gaming market is in the process of shifting. Mobile gaming used to exclusively be all about casual games, but we’re now seeing an expanded audience of more-dedicated mobile gamers, at least some of whom are probably hardcore console gamers looking for similar games to play on their mobile devices. This has given us an exciting opportunity to explore so-called “mid-core” titles, which go beyond the simple gameplay mechanics of casual games and add deeper gameplay and lots of new content to explore. My own title, Dragon Eternity, is a great example of a more core gaming experience that Game Insight has been able to bring to mobile. With more mid-core titles in our portfolio, we’ve been able to expand our reach beyond our traditional casual gaming audience and reach this exciting new audience.

Game Insight, founded in 2010, has a mobile/social gaming portfolio of more than 40 titles, and has a global audience of more than 250 million users.