PYZam lets you find out how famous you are in MySpace

famemyspaceapp.jpgEveryone’s dream of becoming famous may finally come true with the help of pYZam, a MySpace application that lets you find out exactly how famous you are on MySpace. When you install pYZam on your MySpace account, it will immediately calculate your fame rankings as well as compares you to your friends, people in your state, and practically everyone across the universe.

famemyspaceapp_screen.jpgPYZam also lets your family and friends vote for you on MySpace. And I guess you by now that the more votes you get, the more famous you become. If your family and friends’ votes are not enough to catapult you to MySpace stardom, you may also try to refer your friends and family to use the application like you do. Or, you can even go further by promoting your MySpace profile in your other social networks or blogs. The more people view your profile, the higher your chances of becoming the most popular MySpace member.

And what’s the price you have to pay for that Fame? Unlike other kinds of fame, pYZam doesn’t collect any money from you. All you have to do is to install the pYZam application in your MySpace account and you’re on your way to your dream