Put Your iPad In An Etch A Sketch Case


If you are looking for a case for your iPad, you will find a bunch of them on the market. Some of the cases are designed to provide more functionality while others are designed to just make the iPad look good. Today I found a case on The Unofficial Apple Weblog that just makes the iPad look like something from my youth, the Etch A Sketch.

A company called Headcase is selling the Etch A Sketch iPad Case for $39. The iPad screen basically appears within a frame that looks exactly like the original Etch A Sketch. Unfortunately, the white knobs are purely for show, imagine if they could somehow be integrated with the iPad to be used in games or even an Etch A Sketch app. The case includes a small kick-stand to position the iPad in a nice viewing angle. I think the price is a bit expensive for something that is essentially a novelty, but I can’t help but be a bit enamored with the idea of showing off my iPad as what looks like an Etch A Sketch.