Put Down that Donut, Or Your Twitter Followers Will Know

Peer pressure is one of the more effective ways to lose weight, and what better way to generate serious peer pressure than by having all of a person’s Twitter followers present for weigh-ins?

CrunchGear posted a review of the Wi-Fi scale from Withings, which, among other features, tweets users’ weight and body fat percentage.

The basics, according to CrunchGear: The scale is connected to PCs via USB and assigning a wireless hot spot, and it features a body-mass sensor with invisible electrodes and a back-lit OLED readout. Each time the scale is used, electrodes sense the user’s body fat and progress can be monitored online. New users are added when they weigh themselves and show up as unknown until they are assigned an account.

CrunchGear also provided this helpful hint: “Do not try to put a dog on this scale. They do not like it.”

The scale, which also works with Google Health, costs $159.