Purina in Legal Catfight with Blue Buffalo over False Advertising

cats fighting

I Can Haz Your Mama! 

In today’s litigious society, advertising and messaging has to be triple-approved and double-verified before it goes public. Otherwise, your agency will get sued.

As noted on Purina’s website, a press release notes that the Blue Buffalo Company tried to tell America that Purina’s food contain animal by-products, corn and other items that its advertising specifically says the company forbids, as noted in FOX Business.

Understanding this is a pimp-slap attack on reputation, Purina took umbrage with this note and told the nation they were throwing down in federal court. Yes, via press release. Yes, this really happened.

In an exclusive interview with FOX Business, Blue Buffalo’s founder and chairman Bill Bishop, who oddly enough got his start in advertising, discussed how Purina is trying to monopolize the pet industry and take out any competitors. Of course, this time, Purina is doing with legal means so there’s a little recompense to provide.

“We became the fastest growing pet food … (and it) really pissed off a lot of bigger companies,” he said in the telephone interview. “We find ourselves at a place where our friends at Nestle are [in] the ‘if you can’t beat them, sue them’” mindset.

According to the press release and its crisis communications website PetFoodHonesty.com, Purina has shots fired:

“This is not an action we take lightly,” said Steven Crimmins, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Nestlé Purina. “We believe consumers deserve honesty when it comes to the ingredients in the food they choose to feed their pets. Our commitment to owners and their pets is not a marketing ploy or advertising slogan,” Crimmins added. “At Purina, what goes in the bag goes on the label.”

Yes, folks. While this catfight is going on over who said what and to whom, we can all safely assume that Purina will continue to trot its PR muscle for all to see its credibility. It’s just a dog-eat-dog world out there. (Yes, we all see what I did there. I couldn’t help myself.)