Purchases of iPhone, iPod Touch Give Facebook Mobile App a Boost

For the week ending December 29, Facebook for iPhone saw its daily active user (DAU) count jump by 11 percent, or around 1.28 million people according to AppData. Beginning on Christmas Day and extending until now, the app — available for both the iPhone and the iPod touch — has continued to surge. On Christmas Eve, it had 9.68 million DAU and as of today it has risen to 11.4 million.

This is also during a time when many popular social games and other applications saw their numbers drop on Christmas. So what’s going on? It appears that many people got either iPhones or iPod touches for Christmas, then proceeded to download and start using the Facebook app.

While Apple hasn’t released its actual sales numbers for the iPhone or iPod touch this holiday season, some analysts are saying it could have shipped 9.5 million iPhones, beating its previous record of 7.4 million iPhones last quarter. And for the first time, downloads of applications for the iPod touch surpassed those for the iPhone. According to the mobile analysis firm Flurry, iPod touch downloads, on all generations, grew by nearly 1,000 percent on Christmas Day. This is probably due to Apple’s promotion of the touch as a gaming device, something that attracted a younger demographic that wants games (and friends) but not another cell phone.