Study: Men Love Their Ladies ‘Marginally More’ Than Their Sports Teams

To anyone who has dated (or married) a sports fan whose obsession with their favorite team borders on the maniacal, we ask: Do you hear the Sports Center music in your nightmares? Have you caught yourself griping, “I swear, you love that team more than you love me!” And is that accusation — often shouted when asked to move a little to the left of the TV — really true?

Puma and Droga5 recently designed a UK-based study to determine whether men really love their teams more than their lovely ladies (yes, we realize many rabid sports fans are women, but this study focused only on the stereotypical male fan and his less-than-enthused female counterpart).

This past year, David Droga of Droga5 came up with the idea to measure how much a group of guys love their favorite soccer club (specifically the Puma-sponsored Newcastle United), and then determine how that love measures up to the other great loves of their lives — their wives and girlfriends.

Psychologists from the University of Bristol conducted the research, using 17 men who had been in steady relationships (and also held season tickets) for at least five years. Aside from being asked to answer a number of questions, each man was given photographs of both his team and his significant other, and was then asked to cut those pictures in half (yikes!), while electrodes monitored emotion in the form of electrodermal activity.

The end result? These lovestruck gentlemen may be macho, die-hard soccer fans on the outside, but they are true romantics at heart. The results showed that they loved their ladies “marginally more” than their teams. Aw, “marginally more”. How sweet.

Take a look at the below video to meet these soccer-crazed gents and the women who are, despite all evidence to the contrary, number one in their hearts.

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