Publishers Don’t Think Tablets Are Ideal For Reading

According to a survey from Digital Book World and Forrester Research that was presented at the Digital Book World conference last week, only 31% of publishers think that tablets like the iPad are ideal for reading, this is down from 46% a year ago.

While the book retailers are busy proliferating tablets of their own, publishers aren’t seeing these devices as ideal for reading.  Digital Book World has more: “Only 30% of publishers think reading tablets like the Nook Color and Kindle Fire are an ideal reading platform.”

James L. McQuivey, Ph.D., VP and principal analyst at Forrester, who conducted the survey told DBW just why he thinks publishers are not enthusiastic about tablets. He said: “If you have an iPad and 15 minutes to kill, are you going to do something more cognitively difficult like reading, or something brain-dead simple like going on Facebook or watching a YouTube video?”