Facebook Automatically Hides Public Profile Feed Items From Your Feed

-Hidden Feed Dialog Screenshot-Since the launch of Facebook’s redesign, users have been filing their complaints about the new layout. Whether it’s problem’s with Facebook’s “real-time” news feed or issues with public profile feed updates not showing up in users’ feeds, we’ve been receiving a ton of feedback. This morning, Dominic Grant brought to our attention an issue with Public Profiles being hid by default. Those public profiles (previously called “pages”) that you subscribed to before the change, may not be showing up in your feed and we’ve found out why.

When the new layout went live, Facebook automatically determined which profiles we wanted to have displayed in our feeds. Interestingly, a large portion of public profiles were hidden. For me, 28 out of the 69 companies I had become a fan of, no longer had access to my feed. Others have complained that a larger portion of their public profiles had been removed.

So what determines which pages are displayed? Unfortunately I don’t know yet but I’ve reached out to Facebook for clarification and will update this post as soon as I find out. There are also users included under “hidden friends” which I’m guessing have been populated based on your privacy settings. It doesn’t make much sense to automatically add a large portion of public profiles to this list though.

If you’ve noticed that a large number of the status updates you are posting haven’t made it to users’ feeds, this is most likely the reason why. I found that a large number of the public profiles I was actually interested in, had been placed in this list. Ultimately, all new pages that you have subscribed to will automatically be able to post to your feed.

My guess is that feed permissions were based on when you became a fan of each individual brand. Are you noticing problems with reaching users’ feeds?

-Hidden Facebook Public Profiles Screenshot-