New App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Teleprompter

PromptSmart is a new teleprompter app that follows your voice as you speak.

teleprompter app

A new app called PromptSmart hopes to revolutionize public speaking. PromptSmart functions as a teleprompter, allowing users to insert a speech in a .docx or .txt file. The app scrolls through your speech as you talk using voice recognition technology:

With patent pending VoiceTrack(tm) speech recognition technology, PromptSmart will follow your every word during your speech, automatically scrolling the text at your natural pace in real time. For less structured presentations, stay on-point with the built-in digital notecards to make sure you address important topics seamlessly. Whatever your needs, PromptSmart takes the stress out of public speaking with this reliable and intuitive mobile app for any occasion.

The interface is highly-customizable, allowing users to choose their own font, text size and color. The app even lets you practice your speech beforehand, recording it so you can hear your practice runs and make improvements. Users can then edit speeches directly in the app.

The app uses Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive and OneDrive to download text files, and can handle scripts with up to 5,000 words.

While teleprompters are a luxury, the teleprompter app is available for iOS devices for $9.99.

(H/T Springwise)