Promoted Tweet Best Practices – Optimizing for Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Promoted Tweet Best Practices - Optimizing for Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that Promoted Tweets that include a photo generate engagement rates 306 percent higher than text-only tweets?

What if I told you that Promoted Tweets with hashtags benefit from a 122 percent boost in engagement, that those of 10-49 characters are 56 to 70 percent more engaged and that using an exclamation point triggers a 43 percent lift? *

Check the visual below for more tips to maximise engagement rates from Promoted Tweets, which comes courtesy of Twitter themselves.

Promoted Tweet Best Practices - Optimizing for Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

* It’s worth noting that Twitter defines engagement as any interaction with your tweet, including photo expands, username clicks, follows, hashtag clicks, and so on. And in a Promoted Tweet you’ll be charged for any of that. So, in my experience, the best way to get the most bang for your Promoted Tweet buck is to write text-only tweets that include just your link and nothing more. No hashtags. No photos. No @username tagging. Nothing that will “waste” engagement, “waste” clicks and cost you money. To be fair to Twitter they do mention this somewhat in the visual (in the “clickable content” section), but brands, and certainly SMBs, should focus all of their Promoted Tweet budget on the link click – otherwise, while your reports might show great engagement rates, most of that will be used up on the things that don’t really impact your end result (i.e., clicks through to your website). This is also why Twitter cards, particularly lead generation cards, can be so effective, as they minimise wasted clicks.